Prayer Covering 4

Hey fam, wanted to shoot out a quick prayer request. We recorded our new EP a couple months ago and are currently in the mixing process hoping to be completely finished within the next couple weeks. We are meeting with a few major labels today and tomorrow in Nashville with a view to possibly partnering with them for the release of this album. Would you pray for God’s providence and guidance in this process? This type of partnership can have major implications for what happens with the ministry in the future. So we just want the best possible option even if that means we release it on our own independently. Thanks so much!

Seth & Nirva

Prayer Covering 3

Hey fam, it’s been a minute and we wanted to give you all a few updates as well as some prayer requests. First of all, thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement over the past few months. There were some low moments when we could really sense that we were being lifted up through your prayers. Here are a few praise reports directly related to what we asked you guys to pray about:

Praise Reports

1.    We had asked you guys to pray for financial provision in general and for our house in Nashville to sell so we could fund this next project. Well, God has been providing what we have needed month by month. So please continue to pray for financial provision in general and that the heavens would open with ministry opportunities this fall and spring. The great news is, we sold the house though and got what we needed to fund the project! This even surprised the realtor as he thought there was no way we would get what we were asking. It was such a blessing!

2.    We took the bus we bought and renovated and two long road trips and we made it safely without any major difficulties. Please pray continued safety for us with that.

3.    We recorded the new project last month and it surpassed our expectations by a mile! Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

4.    Some incredible ministry has taken place in the past couple months including a camp we ministered at where all the students had parents who are incarcerated. God moved in amazing ways and we are going to be doing more of these camps in the upcoming months and years.

Prayer Requests

1.    In addition to the requests above, please pray for us as we finish mixing and mastering the project. We are going to be shopping the finished project to some labels with the hopes that they will pay for marketing, videos, radio campaigns, etc. If we don’t find the right fit we will have to raise funds ourselves to do a big push this fall. So please pray God would open the right doors and close the wrong ones.

2.    Nirva has been having a lot of pain in her back and hip for the past four weeks or so. We still don’t know what it is, so pray for healing please.

3.    Nirva’s mom’s health is deteriorating. She has bone cancer and the chemo has been taking a toll on her body. Please pray for complete healing for her.

4.    Pray that we would have clarity for the fall. We are looking to route some tours and begin to go out and do more events. So pray for open doors and God’s leading in this.

Thank you all so much! We will talk to ya soon!

Prayer Covering 2

Hey fam, wanted to thank you all again for your prayers. Nirva and I could feel them undergirding us last week. I had been feeling discouraged about the ministry and a little anxious about the future for quite some time. But last week I had a major breakthrough with the Lord. A peace, kingdom-focus, and God-confidence landed upon me that I haven’t in a while and I can’t help but think your prayers had something to do with it!

Just wanted to remind you to pray for a couple things:

1. The concert tomorrow night at the Lakeland Center. We feel like this is the first fruits of us going out and doing ministry in the public square and we are asking for God’s anointing and leading to be strong—for His Spirit to move mightily.

2. We put our Nashville house up for sale in hopes that we could make some money to help fund the ministry as we are starting off. We have a couple people looking at the house today—so pray we would sale it and get a good price for it.

3. Continue to pray for the formation of the ministry as we are in this preparation phase.

Thank you again so much!

Seth and Nirva

Prayer Covering 1

Hey family, thank you so much for agreeing to cover this ministry in prayer! We are so honored and humbled and that you would take time out of your busy schedules to battle in the spirit with us and on our behalf. We believe God has given us an important assignment for this season and prayer covering is going to play a primary role in the effectiveness of this ministry. So thank you thank you thank you a million times over. Here are some items you can begin to pray on with us:

1. Clarity of vision and mission for 2018. We have a rough sketch of what we think God is calling us to, but we are asking Him for more detail and clarity—we will share the rough sketch with you all soon so you will have an idea where we are heading.

2. For us to continue to walk on faith even when we don’t see the results we want or expect. For us also to keep a laser-sharp focus on the Kingdom—not to get distracted from our individual walks with God and/or the ministry He has called us to by getting sidetracked by lessor idols.

3. Financial provision as we step out in faith into this new journey—specifically for donors and bookings. Not just any bookings though, but bookings that fit the mission God is giving us.

4. Protection, spiritually, mentally and physically.

5. We have an event in Lakeland coming up Tuesday Jan 23rd. It is after an NBA G-League game and so it is in a public arena. Pray that we would be bold, winsome and wise in our presentation of the gospel and that nothing would hinder the message from going forth and bearing fruit.


Thank you friends!